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Finding Magic


Are you looking for magic?

It’s everywhere.

See how a kestrel

Hovers in air;

Watch a cat move:

What elegant grace!

See how a conker

Fits in its case.

Watch a butterfly come

From a chrysalis,

Or a chick from an egg –

There’s magic in this;

Then think of the

Marvellous mystery

Of an acorn becoming

A huge oak tree.

There’s magic in sunsets

And patterned skies:

There’s magic in moonlight –

Just use your eyes!

If you’re looking for magic

It’s easily found:

It’s everywhere,

It’s all around.


- Eric Finney

Online Safety


Think U Know, an online safety organisation, have published materials for parents and carers to use to talk about how to keep safe online with their children.  They will release new age-appropriate material every two weeks, including videos and top-tips for adults talking to young children.  


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