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Late/Absence Procedures

Absence and Punctuality 


If your child is absent from school for any reason, please contact the school office as soon as possible, to let us know and to confirm the reason for absence. You can leave a short message on the school absence line or speak to a member of staff in the school office if you prefer.


Children can enter their classrooms from the playground 8.45am - 8.55am. Any children arriving after this time should go to the school office where the attendance can be recorded.


Requests for Leave of Absence


Children have a right to their education and therefore holidays in term time are not authorised. If you need to take your child out of school during term time, please complete a Leave of Absence form, available from the school office.


Leaving Site During School Hours


If you require your child to leave the school site during the day, please let us know via a written request/email. Children must be collected from the school office and signed out by a parent or nominated person.


Illness and Emergencies


If children become unwell during the school day, they will be taken to the school office and their parents/carers will be contacted if necessary. We ask that parents make sure that the school has an up to date contact number at all times for use in such situations.


Children who suffer sickness/diarrhoea due to a stomach bug should be kept away from school for 48 hours from the last incidence in order to avoid the spread of any infection. We ask that parents to inform the school of any infectious illness affecting their child so that we can alert and protect members of the school community particularly at risk from them.




If your child needs to take medicine during the school day, please take it to the school office where you be required to sign a form authorising the office staff to administer it. Children must not carry medicine to and from school or keep it with them, it must be handed in at the school office where it will be kept in a safe place and administered correctly.

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