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Grand Opening Event

 Grand Opening


This week we saw the grand opening of  the school by the Lord Lieutenant  and Lord Mayor and an assembly with the whole  school led by our  founding pupils, now Year Three. 

They spoke about what makes Hatchlands special and what they love about their school, ranging from chromebooks, to water fountains, to their teachers and their friends. We were incredibly proud of all of our children and in particular Year Three, who spoke with such confidence. You have also probably heard  your child at home practising  our song - ‘We’re so proud of our school’   and they sang their hearts out  at the ceremony, which brought  a smile to everyone’s face. 

If you were to  ask your child(ren) what they remember about the day, I think the most lasting impression for many of them will be the Lord Lieutenant and his sword!

The Lord Lieutenant had this to say about our  children. 

“I will long remember the enthusiasm of your pupils outside the school and so many questions about my sword. The children’s performance in stating why the school meant so much to them, and the singing of the song, were really inspirational.” 


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