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Hatchlands Values Characters are Launched - meet Rani Responsibilty!

 Meet Rani Responsibility!


Rani Responsibility always  thinks about  others first.  She knows that her actions and choices can have an impact on those around her.  She doesn’t want to disturb others from learning,  so she moves around school calmly and quietly in her soft slippers. 

Rani understands that although she is small she can make a big  difference to the world around her. Her spade glistens as she digs  deep to plant ideas and shows us all how to help others. 

Instructions make Rani’s head sparkle. She tucks them into her  thinking cap as they help her to make positive choices. Using her sturdy toolbelt, she cares for her own and other people’s  property. She keeps everything neat and tidy, so everyone can play  and learn together well. 

Her strong wings help her to express her feelings and emotions thoughtfully. She speaks  honestly to those around her and  If she makes a mistake she will  always say sorry. This makes her gentle  feathers grow fluffier and helps her  to fly high and proud. 


Independent Rani takes responsibility for her learning.  She likes to read and write in her special book every day so she can  see how much she is learning. She shares her book with others to  inspire them to be extraordinary too. Rani cares not only about her learning but about everyone’s learning because she is SO responsible! 


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