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Meet Callan Courage!

 Meet Callan Courage!


Callan Courage is on a learning adventure and he’s not afraid to  take risks to gain new skills. Sometimes he comes across a new  challenge which is particularly hard. 

Although his tummy might  be swirling, plucky Callan pulls on his ‘Give it a go!’ t-shirt, gives a  cheery wave of his elegant tail (to remind himself to ‘Be Brave’) and  steps forward into the unknown. What will he discover today? 


Committed Callan tries hard on his own to find solutions to problems.  Sometimes he makes mistakes, but this doesn’t make him sad —  it’s all part of the learning process. He weaves his mistakes, efforts  and successes into his beautiful mane so he remembers what he  has learnt. His mane grows thicker and becomes more vibrant every  day, as Callan grows into an even more courageous learner.  


Look at Callan’s wonderful paws! He uses them to catch fascinating  feedback on his words and actions. He knows that what he  hears can set him off on new paths of learning and discovery. He  will always say when he finds something difficult as he knows the knowledge he gains from those around him can take  him forward on his learning journey. 


Callan is a great member of our community. He stands tall  and with his golden goggles he’s always on the look out for others  who might need an extra helping-hand. With a shake of his mane  and a swoosh of his tail he can help us all to ‘Give it a go!’ too. It’s  amazing what we can all achieve together! 


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