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At Hatchlands Primary School, we place a huge level of importance on the teaching of phonics and reading.


During the first few weeks of your child's time in Reception we will carry out simple checks on which sounds and letter names they already know so that we can ascertain their starting point. Once this process is completed then we establish our phonics teaching sessions.


At Hatchlands we follow the Letters and Sounds programme for teaching phonics and supplement this with the actions and rhymes from Jolly Phonics to create a fun and engaging multi-sensory approach to learning. A short daily phonics input is used to introduce new sounds to your children and we then ensure that opportunities for practising phonics and reading skills permeate throughout our school day and all of our learning environments so that the sounds being introduced in phonics sessions can then be reinforced.


In order to support your child with their learning of the different phonemes (the smallest unit of sound) then it is really important that you are articulating the sounds in the same way that they will learn at school. By watching the video clip below, demonstrating how each phoneme should be pronounced, you will be able to correctly model this to your children, helping them to make brilliant progress with their phonics learning.

Articulation of Phonemes

A useful video clip showing the correct 'pure' pronounciation of phonemes (units of sound).

In order to support your child with their journey of learning phonics there are a number of computer and tablet based resources that can be used at home. One such example is 'Teach Your Monster to Read'. This follows the same progression of sounds that we will be teaching at Hatchlands and is also a fun and engaging way to learn. Mr Jowett can personally vouch for this resource having used it with his children and the great news is that the computer version is free to use (a tablet version is available but does come at a small cost).


Follow the link below to view this resource.

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