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“You know you’ve mastered something when you can apply it to a totally new problem in an unfamiliar situation or context.”

(Mastering Mathematics, Dr Helen Drury)


We believe that mastery of mathematics, and a deep understanding of mathematical concepts, is something that all pupils can acquire during their time at Hatchlands.  We can achieve this together by supporting our children in their fluency, reasoning and problem-solving, both at home and in the classroom, thus fostering a life-long love of mathematics.


What is teaching for mastery in Maths?

Teaching maths for mastery involves employing approaches that help pupils to develop a deep and secure knowledge and understanding of mathematics at each stage of their learning, so that by the end of every school year or Key Stage, pupils will have acquired mastery of the mathematical facts and concepts they’ve been exposed to, equipping them to move on confidently and securely to more advanced material.  Acquiring mastery of mathematics is something for all pupils, and teaching for mastery approaches can enable all pupils to succeed in maths.  Pupils with high levels of previous exposure and knowledge of maths thrive and advance even more in their understanding when exposed to tasks and activities that explore and develop deep understanding.   


At our school no child will be taught content from the year group above them, they will spend time becoming true masters of content; applying and being creative with new knowledge and skills in multiple ways. 


In short, this means:

  • Teach less, learn more: less teacher talk but more focused mathematical discussion and intelligent practise following a coherent learning journey.
  • No child left behind: all children are enabled to keep up every day.
  • Space and time to experience and apply, with all children entitled to additional support to ensure they do not fall behind or to go deeper.
  • Understanding real life applications wherever possible to make learning relevant and not abstract; nothing should be taught without a purpose.


Maths Mastery in your Child’s Key Stage

Please look at the Maths Key Stage pages for more information about how Maths is taught to your child, and how you can best support them at home.  If you feel like there is anything missing from these pages that you would like to learn about, please do get in touch!


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