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Hatchlands Primary School


Vision and Values

Our Vision

We believe every child has the right to be a successful and confident citizen who is able to make a positive contribution to the world they live in. 


Our Motto is 

‘Learning today,

to make a difference tomorrow’ 

Our Values are:






Our Aims

Every member of our school community will understand, live and breathe each of our core values. to challenge, develop and nurture the ‘Whole Child’  so they  are able to grow into confident, resilient  and emotionally literate citizens of the future. 


Our children  will receive a broad and balanced experience that progressively builds and deepens knowledge, understanding and skills across the curriculum. 


Our school community will work in partnership with parents, carers and governors.


Our children will  leave Hatchlands physically and mentally healthy and equipped with the skills to prepare them for their future. 


Our children will  have high aspirations and no limits on their learning.


All children will achieve, regardless of their background or starting points.







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